5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with Magnolia Rental

If you’ve ever been in or around Mississippi in the summer, you know what HOT is! With triple-digit temperatures and 100 percent humidity, we are all looking for creative ways to beat the heat, stay cool, and have fun. Here are a few ideas we can help make this summer the coolest yet!

  1. Water Slides 

    No pool? No problem! Our water slides will keep you cool and the family happy all summer long. From the Castle/Slide Combo to the monster 18ft Slide with Pool to the ultimate race down the Double-Lane Slip’n’Slide, we’ve got what you need to make any backyard into a water park!

  2. Snow Cones and Slushes 

    Who doesn’t love a sugary, sweet, cold snow cone on a hot summer day? Our Snow Cone machine will crush ice to the perfect consistency to hold one of our eight delicious flavors! I bet you didn’t know your local rental store had all that!
    Or if you’d rather sip something cold, try our Slush Machine instead! With thousands of recipes available, these libations are sure to cool you from the inside out.

  3. Dunking Booth 

    Make a splash with one of our fun dunking booths! Whether you’re the getting dunked or doing the dunking, this fun game is sure to cool off the entire neighborhood.

  4. Misting/Cooling Fans 

    We have fans of all kinds! Our misting and evaporative cooling fans are guaranteed to move the mercury at your next outdoor event. Whether is a backyard cookout or a high-dollar wedding, let us help keep your guests cool and comfortable.

  5. Large Coolers (contents and ice not included) 

    Unfortunately, this rental store doesn’t provide the contents of a summertime cooler, but we do have large 150-quart ice chests for rent! These are sure to keep all the beer/soda/lemonade/water you could possibly drink cold all day long.

Magnolia Rental named Pulitzer Sponsor by Lafayette County Literacy Council

The Lafayette County Literacy Council hosted Read, Beats, and Eats at the Barksdale-Isom House Saturday evening in celebration of local Oxonian culture. Magnolia Rental was honored in being named a Pulitzer Sponsor by the Literacy Council. The garden of the Barksdale-Isom House was completely transformed; string lighting and a floating photo collage created a whimsical atmosphere for the night. IMG_0626.jpg

The night honored the local culture of Lafayette County with a silent auction and live music by local musicians Damien Wash and Ricky Burkhead. Magnolia Rental furnished the garden with bulb lighting, tables and white resin chairs while catering was provided by A&N Catering and Sinfully Southern Bakery. IMG_0638 (1).jpgIMG_0624.jpgIMG_0646.jpg

Call today to plan your next garden party with Magnolia Rental (662) 236-7024 or visit our website here.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Equipment Instead of Buy

There is a misconception that owning home improvement equipment is cheaper than renting it. Here are four reasons proving that wrong.

1. Maintenance 

No matter the tool, your equipment is going to need to be well maintained in order for it to run efficiently. When you rent from Magnolia Rental, we do all of the preventative maintenance before and after your project. Don’t worry about changing the oil in that aerator you need once a year – we’ve got you covered!

2. Storage Space

When you own equipment, big or small, you need space to store it and the garage is only so big. After the lawn mower and garden sheers are put away, space starts getting tight. Renting equipment alleviates the clutter. Instead of buying it, rent the bush hog this spring (your wife will appreciate being able to continue parking inside the garage).

3. One Time Use

Remember that pressure washer you HAD to have but is now tucked away behind the Christmas decorations? You’ve probably only used it once, right? Does it even run? Before making the investment on the next piece of equipment/dust collector, try renting it instead. You’ll save money, space, and headaches later on.

4. The Big Stuff

Have a project that’s a little much for the standard shovel? Rent the big equipment, like one of our brand new Bobcat E32 mini-excavators, to tackle the big stuff. With multiple bucket sizes and hydraulic power, you’ll be overseeing your handiwork and sipping lemonade in no time!

For homeowners, we offer a budget-friendly weekend special. If you pick up your equipment after 4pm on Friday, you can return it Monday by 8am at our one-day rental rate.

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5 Essentials for Throwing the Perfect Carnival Birthday Party

Every year comes the trouble of finding a bigger and better birthday party theme. How do you make the best party ever even better than before? With festivals and small town carnivals rising in popularity in recent years, it’s no surprise that carnival-themed birthdays are the hottest trend on Pinterest right now. Throwing the perfect carnival birthday party isn’t rocket science either. Here’s five simple ways to host the best carnival straight from your backyard.

1. Red and White Stripes

You can’t mistake those red stripes! Adding this notable pattern is simple and fun to implement. Our red and white draping will transform any event space into a big top! Double it up with bulb lighting to create an authentic circus atmosphere.

c5c6f5704e3980b6aee67b77100d21c9.jpg   24e4b4a5abddba55de3cfbeb6d7a88bb.jpg

2. Cotton Candy

What carnival is complete without this sweet, fluffy goodness? This circus staple is super easy to make. Magnolia Rental has the machine, floss, cones, bags, everything you need to induce the yummiest of sugar highs! Get a free quote here. There’s a million different ways to serve this air-spun wonder food. Here’s a few of our favorites:

953f31911a84bc7226ba61b7f7db6de5.jpg            038650071533044615165cf40cf23461.jpg


3. Bounce Houses and Inflatables

Don’t forget tickets to the rides! While having a Ferris wheel seems to be a far fetched idea, inflatables are sure to bring the same thrill but not on your wallet. From a Wipe Out to water slides and obstacle courses, it’ll seem just like a summer carnival!

17339-1.jpg      17302.jpg     14034.jpg



4. Dunking Booth

Who doesn’t love a great carnival game? The dunk tank is everyone’s favorite carnival game. Take a shot at the target and watch the dunk tank make a splash at the party!

5. Popcorn

If cotton candy isn’t really your thing and you prefer something a little more savory, popcorn is another carnival classic and having a real popcorn machine is sure to be a hit. Put the popcorn in a red-striped bag, and your party is sure to transform into a three ring circus. Magnolia Rental has everything you’ll need! Get creative with your concession and dress up your popcorn machine. Don’t have one? Rent one here.  

588270ad3401e568ce8d7ed293b47b39.jpg                  fd5f23e5eeb1222224ebcbe7270e7fec.jpg

Birthday parties are fun but the hassle is not. Let Magnolia Rentals make your party perfect! We are here to accommodate events of any budget. Whether you’re a DIY host or want us to handle every detail, our mission is to serve you. For homeowners, we offer a budget-friendly weekend special. If you pick up your equipment after 4pm on Friday, you can return it Monday by 8am at our one-day rental rate.

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