4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Equipment Instead of Buy

There is a misconception that owning home improvement equipment is cheaper than renting it. Here are four reasons proving that wrong.

1. Maintenance 

No matter the tool, your equipment is going to need to be well maintained in order for it to run efficiently. When you rent from Magnolia Rental, we do all of the preventative maintenance before and after your project. Don’t worry about changing the oil in that aerator you need once a year – we’ve got you covered!

2. Storage Space

When you own equipment, big or small, you need space to store it and the garage is only so big. After the lawn mower and garden sheers are put away, space starts getting tight. Renting equipment alleviates the clutter. Instead of buying it, rent the bush hog this spring (your wife will appreciate being able to continue parking inside the garage).

3. One Time Use

Remember that pressure washer you HAD to have but is now tucked away behind the Christmas decorations? You’ve probably only used it once, right? Does it even run? Before making the investment on the next piece of equipment/dust collector, try renting it instead. You’ll save money, space, and headaches later on.

4. The Big Stuff

Have a project that’s a little much for the standard shovel? Rent the big equipment, like one of our brand new Bobcat E32 mini-excavators, to tackle the big stuff. With multiple bucket sizes and hydraulic power, you’ll be overseeing your handiwork and sipping lemonade in no time!

For homeowners, we offer a budget-friendly weekend special. If you pick up your equipment after 4pm on Friday, you can return it Monday by 8am at our one-day rental rate.

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